Liepāja is the third largest city in Latvia, located in the very southwest of the state on the coast of the Baltic Sea. The anthem of Liepāja begins with the words “In the city, where the wind is born…”. Always windy, always fresh with the breath of the sea and the scent of the sand – Liepāja is a city with a special, attractive and artistic aura; it is a city you never leave, and people born there proudly call themselves citizens of Liepāja, even if they live thousands of miles away. The city seems to be breathing and living its own life – saturated and diverse. Many popular musicians, composers, writers, poets, painters, sculptors and actors were born in Liepāja. The citizens of Liepāja are proud of their famous fellow countrymen, and the wonderful traditions of the city date far back into the past. Every year Liepāja hosts large-scale cultural events that attract many people from Latvia and also abroad, such as the Summer Sound Music Festival, the International Piano Star Festival and others.
People with all kinds of interests will find something for themselves in Liepāja. The beautiful white sand beach attracts holidaymakers and water sports enthusiasts, the architecture and historical stories – curious tourists, but the nightlife of the city will be a real discovery for those who are willing to party. Lots of different cultural events for music and art fans, sports competitions (football, basketball, ice-hockey, surfing, rally, etc.) for passionate sports enthusiasts… all of it in just one small, wonderful city that lets you enjoy life and simply have a good time!